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How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Fast with Natural Remedies

A sprained ankle is one of those injuries that usually take weeks to fully heal. This, of course, can be an inconvenience if you have other things that require you to be on your feet. Even though you can resort to painkillers and drugs, it may have harmful side effects in the long run. Your best option is to go for natural remedies.how to heal a sprained ankle fast ?  Here are tips on how to heal a sprained ankle fast the natural way:

1. Reduce movement.
One common mistake usually done by those who have ankle injuries is they either move the injured part as if it’s not injured or do not move it at all. Even though you have to limit the movement of the ankle, you will still need to move it a bit to stimulate blood circulation. Hence, reduce movement; don’t completely restrict the movement.

2. Apply ice.
A quick way to reduce the pain and swelling of the injured part is to apply ice. An ice pack may be a common option for this but an ice wrap would be a better option, as it can be wrapped around the ankle. This will not only reduce the unpleasant swelling but also speed up the healing process.

3. Elevate the injured ankle.
Doing this can, not only significantly reduce the swelling but also produce instant relief especially when ice packs are not around. Whenever you can, raise the sprained ankle above your heart. If your leg is not flexible enough to do this, simply raise the ankle as best as you can.

4. Compress the ankle with an elastic bandage.
This can be of great help during the early stage of the injury. When wrapping the bandage, start from the toes up to the calf area. This prevents swelling and secures the ankle. Make sure you don’t compress the ankle too much; it may interfere with blood circulation.

If you need to learn how to heal a sprained ankle fast then you can always check out the tips discussed above. Also, you might want to adopt a healthy lifestyle to not only speed up the healing process but to also live a life with less stress and more happiness.